STRATA Release 4.1 out now!

STRATA 4.1 (released in Dec 2016) introduces a range of significant enhancements and new functionalities, adding to the already impressive and powerful features developed over the past several years. The key changes in this version include updates to support AVETMISS 2017 reporting, new version of Markbook Mobile with enhanced SMS and email capabilities, and automated management of student enrolments and student training plans.

Employer Portal - your apprentices' data at your fingertips

In the market where Training Organisations compete for apprentices it is critical that the interaction with employers is done in the most efficient way. STRATA'S Employer Portal is an electronic solution that enables the employer to be informed when actions are required, enable them to do these tasks simply and quickly from any location at any time, and maintain a record of these activities. It also provides employers with the ability to reference key information about the apprentice as required. The portal can be “skinned” to suit each training institute with colours, logos and the like.

AVETMISS compliance

STRATA’S fast, automated generation of NAT files, analysis and reconciliation provides clients with confidence that their reporting will comply with the government guidelines. STRATA ensures that new enrolments and re-enrolments can collect and report the required data elements. Avaxa keeps up-to-date with any changes to AVETMISS standards and updates STRATA in line with the NCVER requirements. Avaxa is proud to be considered fully AVETMISS compliant and listed on the NCVER AVETMISS Compliant Software Register.

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