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STRATA Release 5.0 introduces an eagerly awaited by Registered Training Organisations (RTO) OE functionality to allow end-to-end fully online application and enrolment process which in most cases eliminates the need for face to face engagement between the applicant and the RTO. No more lengthy and time consuming enrolment sessions or having to hand in required documents in person! No more exhausting coordination of hundreds of applicants and RTO staff into regimented and time constrained information sessions! STRATA OE functionality enables prospective students to apply for their selected course fully online, any time of day or night, and on any device. In most cases, applicants can go al

STRATA Release 5.0 arrived!

Strata Release 5.0 was released on the 2nd of November 2018 introduces Online Enrolments which completely changes the way applicants apply for courses, and how the enrolments are processed by the back office staff at the Registered Training Organisations. The entire enrolment process is done online as a ‘conversation’ between the applicant and the RTO, all the way through to invoice and payment. Read more here. STRATA 5.0 contains several other important functionalities: Childcare Module (new) and Web Markbook (changes) to Record Childcare Attendance – for the management of AMEP student details, enrolment details, assessment details as well as additional data required by AMEP including Chi

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