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STRATA Release 4.5 out today!

STRATA 4.5.28 was released on 19 December 2017 and delivers a range of changes, the most significant of them being AVETMISS 8 reporting with Victorian variations. AVETMISS data reporting for 2018 which is required from late January 2018 adheres to the AVETMISS 8 standard and also includes additional Victorian reporting changes. AVETMISS 8 represents a significant change to AVETMISS reporting, and there are flow-on effects to the enrolment and delivery process.

The associated changes to STRATA include support for the generation of NAT files according to the AVETMISS 8 standard, additional data entry and screen rearrangements to accommodate the new data. The new standard retires some fields and the need to collect them, introduces new fields with the associated need to collect these, and changes the business rules for some fields.

Other key changes in this release include:

  • Billing Plans – modifications to increase process efficiency and provide more flexibility for both RTO staff and students

  • Basic Key Skills Builder (BKSB) – improved integration between Strata and BKSB and added support for diagnostic assessments

  • EForms (Electronic Enrolment Forms) – further enhancement to existing functionality to facilitate simplified management of fields and attachments

  • eCAF (electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form) – added December 2017 Functionality to Student Course CAF for VET Student Loans, and provides more flexibility for management of Student Course CAF.

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