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STRATA Release 5.1 (version 5.1.16) out now, just in time for the start of Academic Year 2019!

The main reasons for this release are: 1. Compliance with Victorian Government AVETMISS 2019 Guidelines 2. Support for Victorian Government Free TAFE Initiative 3. Modifications to STRATA Student Training Plans and VET in Schools subsystems

As is our usual practice in every release, we take every opportunity to make STRATA even more user-friendly, robust, and efficient. This time we’ve implemented several Change Requests, Code Changes and Defect Fixes related to:

  • System infrastructure and security

  • Analysis of event logs

  • SMS Gateway and email definitions

  • Workflow subsystem

  • MS Azure file storage

  • Credit Card gateway

  • XML and delimited delivery definitions

  • Web API and related functionalities

  • Management of Curriculum and Courses

  • Student Pathways

  • DELTA and PRISMS Import

  • Online Enrolment and Web Enrolment Forms

  • AMEP functionality

  • Payment and billing plans

  • Refunds and HELP management

  • eCAF

  • … and many more.

We would love to hear from you and discuss any of the changes in this release, or any other STRATA functionality. Please contact us here.


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