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Universities, TAFEs and Private Educators value our capability to engineer effective solutions that enhance their business. They also value our services to implement and provide training, support and maintain these solutions. We provide full lifecycle management services comprising:

  • Business analysis services to understand your business needs in the context of business processes

  • Design, construction and testing services to develop the solution

  • Implementation services to deliver the solution into production. We migrate data, train users, and advise on infrastructure requirements

  • Support and maintenance services

  • Project management services which ensure our solution meets expectations.

  • Web Services

Business Applications

We deliver and support cloud-based services to improve access, scalability and performance of our solutions.

STRATA, our flagship student management system, is offered as a Software as a Service (SAAS) model. In this model we combine our applications with Microsoft’s Azure platform and our management services to offer Educators a fully supported, hosted and maintained package. The benefit to Education organisations is that they pay for what they use as and when required. They remove the need to own complex infrastructure and to manage software platform and application upgrades. They reduce risk by having data secured in world scale facilities with the best security available.

We have been closely aligned with Microsoft during the progressive development and deployment of the Azure platform. Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s platform for building and deploying cloud-based applications, delivering organisations on-demand computing and storage capabilities, all of which are hosted in Microsoft’s data centres.

Cloud Solutions

Mobile solutions enable students, teachers, employers and others to access business information as required in any location. Students want to see on their phone right now what class they are attending. Teachers want to apply a result to a student assignment right now in a laboratory or workplace.

We engineer mobile applications that are integrated in real time with your core business systems. Our mobile applications work on smartphones or tablets that use the leading mobile platforms (Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS and Google’s Android operating system).


It is essential for effective management to make best use of your core business data to inform managers on what is happening in the business.

We present your business data using Microsoft’s Power BI tools and technology. They deliver clear visualisation of relevant data in an attractive and interactive format for managers and non-technical people. Users view dashboards or reports through a browser or on a smartphone using a local application.


Education businesses maintain rich data sources as part of their normal business activity. We use Microsoft’s Machine Learning technology to create predictive models using this data to identify possible future outcomes. For example, students might be at risk of dropping out of their course. By modelling data sets including factors such as timely completion of course work, poor attendance, academic history we can identify students at risk. We develop Machine Learning models that are managed in Microsoft’s Azure cloud and that can be used by clients for predictive analysis.

Mobile Solutions
Machine Learning
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