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SVTS Analysis

AVAXA provides a service to Victorian TAFEs for the analysis of claims made and payments received from the Skills Victoria Training System (SVTS) system, to assist with the resolution of errors and  allows TAFEs to manage the claims made each month.  The STRATA reports facilitate correct disbursement of revenues received from Skills Victoria to the relevant teaching departments.

As part of this service AVAXA delivers an ongoing monthly analysis according to an agreed cycle of data uploads to AVAXA and reporting back to the RTO. The extracts and reports show planned and actual Student contact hours and payments for all Subject enrolments claimed in NAT00120.

SVTS analysis table.png

This table shows revenue classified as:

  • Safe - money that has been paid at the rate and time expected. Some of this may be reversed if any future related errors are not corrected. 

  • At Risk - revenue that can potentially be received by identifying and correcting missing or incorrect data or

  • Lost - revenue that cannot usually be recovered in the time available.

SVTS Analysis

Download a PDF brochure here.

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