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STRATA Release 4.4 out now!

STRATA 4.4.52 (16 Oct 2017) introduces several compliance related changes, and improvements to existing Strata functionality. The key changes in this release include:

  1. HEIMS Compliance Changes to allow for quarterly submissions, and to accommodate new Higher Education indicators for 2018. The Federal Government now requires submission of Unit of Study (UoS) on a quarterly basis. Also, three new indicators are to be reported for 2018 to support new research block grant funding arrangements. This release provides support for both these requirements and maintains Strata’s up to date compliance reporting for 2018.

  2. eCAF and VSL functionality modifications required for compliance with changes to eCAF Version 2 and VSL rules taking effect in September 2017. Starting July 2017 the Federal Government introduced several changes to eCAF to support VET Student Loans. Key changes include: student engagement and progression requirements, a new parental consent process for students under 18 years of age, course code validation, and post-census day eCAF submission validations. STRATA version 4.4 introduces several significant changes to ensure full compliance with these Department of Education and Training requirements.

  3. Ongoing enhancements to Student Training Plans, DELTA Interface, and Employer Portal. Management of compliant Training Plans is a major issue for all RTOs. These capabilities are core components in STRATA and we continue to enhance them to improve their support for our clients’ businesses. This release enhances set up and maintenance of Student Training Plans, improves the capability of the Delta interface and extends information and activities available to employers to manage their apprentices in our Employer Portal.

  4. Additional enhancements across Strata modules. Our team constantly reviews Strata together with our clients, with the purpose of improving support for business activities. In this release we introduce more than 60 enhancements which extend functionality, improve user interfaces, and streamline business productivity.

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