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STRATA Industry Connect App

The Industry Connect App gives your teaching Staff online and real-time access to Apprentices’ Student records while visiting workplaces where Apprentices attend all or part of their training.

This tool helps the RTO to meet several compliance requirements as defined in “Guidelines about Apprenticeship/Traineeship Training Delivery – Skills First Program” such as:

  • Negotiating a Student Training Plan with the Employer, including Subject selection, RPL/CT, delivery modes, Employer sign-off and preferred contact method

  • Signatures of the Employer, the Student and the RTO are captured digitally on the device

  • Recording results against assessment items and allowing allocation of results to Subjects

  • Allowing updates of Student details

The key benefits of the Industry Connect App are:

  • Student Training Plans can be negotiated and signed on mobile phones or tablets

  • Attendance and Assessment can be recorded and updates sent to STRATA in real-time

  • Evidence of Student & Employer interactions and site visits can be captured and stored centrally against the Student history

  • Reduces the requirements of going into different systems to record and capture data

  • Activity is captured in one place for audit requirements

Please contact Avaxa for more information on STRATA Industry Connect App.

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